Set up automated payments by connecting your Fiskl account to GoCardless so that your clients can pay you automatically by Direct Debit.

When your customers pay via Direct Debit, they authorise you to debit their bank account each time you send out an invoice. This automation introduces a high level of predictability into your business, improves your cash flow, and prevents late payments.

GoCardless allows you to take payments in more than 30 countries, including the UK, Eurozone, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. You can also collect payments in your customers’ currency, and settle in your own currency at the real exchange rate. Click here for more information regarding GoCardless international payments.

In addition to Direct Debit, GoCardless has recently released an exciting update to their payment ecosystem called “Instant Bank Pay” available in the UK (coming soon to the Eurozone and United States). Instant Bank Pay is a compliment to recurring payments allowing you to confirm bank to bank payments instantly. Fiskl seamlessly uses Instant Bank Pay in parallel with Direct Debit collecting the first payment in a recurring invoice or payment schedule using Instant Bank Pay but setting up the direct debit in the background so that subsequent payments are automatically collected. 

It’s easy to set up.

Once you have selected Integrations from the main menu, you will be taken to a screen with the option to connect to GoCardless.

  • Click on “GoCardless” to be taken to the GoCardless Account Activation form.
  • Complete all relevant information.
  • Click on “Create account” and you are almost ready to go.
  • Your account will transition through the following states
    • In review, this is when GoCardless is doing their mandatory checks.
    • Action required, this is to inform you you need to log onto GoCardless to take action.
    • Success, is when your account is ready to use.
  • Fiskl and GoCardless will notify you of changes to your account.

Once your client has completed their mandate, you can take automatic payments.

For detailed FAQ’s please click here for more information.

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