Categorise your bank transactions

27 August 2020

Fiskl will automatically categorise your transactions against accounting categories, however, if the transaction isn’t an obvious match, it’ll be marked as an uncategorised income or expense.

You can also manually categorise the transactions, review and exclude any non business related transactions.

New account categories for quotes and expenses

27 August 2020

Quotes and expenses now use the new account categories which replace the previous ones.

Add a default hourly rate for your client

27 August 2020

If you give your clients preferential hourly rates, simply add the rate to your client in Fiskl and it will always be automatically applied.

Banking integration

8 July 2020

Connecting your bank and credit card accounts to Fiskl is a great way to keep track of both your income and expenditure. You can connect to multiple banks with multiple currencies choosing from over 5700 banks in 68 countries.

Fiskl has partnered with Salt Edge to deliver a seamless and secure connection to your bank accounts. Click here for a list of banks Fiskl supports.

Reverse tax calculation

8 July 2020

If you provide your clients with fixed prices, Fiskl has removed the need for you to calculate the tax for each item, if you need tax to be included or excluded from your item, simply toggle between the include and exclude icons. This works on all items in the invoice including multiple currency invoices, multiple and compound tax items.

Multiple currency invoices

8 July 2020

Fiskl has had multiple currency support from day one and uses the daily spot rate on the day the invoice was created.

Fiskl exposes the exchange rate for each currency in the invoice that differs from your invoice currency and allows you to set the rate you need.

New import functionality

8 July 2020

When importing your expenses and clients you can preview & approve your data before it’s imported into Fiskl.

When importing your expenses and clients you can preview & approve your data before it’s imported into Fiskl.

Tax selector improvements

8 July 2020

If you’re using multiple taxes or compound taxes Fiskl now prevents the selecting of the same tax to help avoid mistakes.

Default Taxes

8 July 2020

Set your default taxes by going to Company settings from the main menu.

Other Income


If you don’t want to raise an invoice but record other income for example e-commerce sales or interest you’ve earned, then these can easily be recorded in Fiskl in the Other Income section.

Chrome extension is live


Fiskl’s Chrome Extension gives you a very quick overview of your business, showing your Total Sales, Profit, Revenue and Expenses, you can raise an invoice or expense or see your notifications, for example, who has just paid you.

View or edit exchange rates


If you invoice in multiple currencies, the exchange rate, which is automatically applied, is clearly shown on the invoice. On web, you can manually change the rate by clicking on the exchange rate under price/rate.

Cc support for emails


If you need to send additional copies of your invoice then you can simply Cc as well as Bcc them on emails. You can set default Cc in clients too.

Stripe India support


Stripe India required additional verification of shipping address which has now been built into the invoice.

Zapier App released


The first version of our Zapier MVP has been released. We’d love to know what you think as your feedback will really help drive the next features.

iDeal support for the Netherlands (Beta)


iDeal is now available in the Web dashboard for Stripe users in the Netherlands. Mobile support will be added very soon

Android 3.9.2 released


A mandatory update with 4 decimal tax support and payment updates

IOS 3.9.2 released


A mandatory update with 4 decimal tax support, fixes to client search and home screen

Android 3.9.0 released


Includes all the scheduling, deposit, payment, localization updates

Support for multiple accounts


Android and iOS now supports switching between accounts. Web dashboard follow shortly.

Invoice localization


We have now localized the whole invoice flow from emails, to the payment page

Updated payment page


Your customers can see a new and improved updated invoice page when paying their invoice

Request a deposit


You can now request a deposit as part of the invoice flow

Invoice UI updates


The web dashboard now works in a similar way to phone apps where you see the invoice preview for sent, overdue and paid invoices

Payment Scheduling


Add up to 12 payments and a deposit per invoice and let us manage the rest.

Send invoices via iMessage, WhatsApp and Telegram


On mobile devices you can now choose to send your invoices from iMessage, WhatsApp or Telegram.

TimeZone updates added


There are two time-zones in Fiskl. Your App/Web timezone which can be set in Preferences within the User menu and your company time-zone in Company Settings.

Invoice automation updates


Scheduled invoices gets a little feature which will be a big help. When setting up your recurring invoices, check the “Include unbilled items” and we will add all unbilled items relating to your client to your next invoice.

Apple Sign-in added across the platform


We integrated Apple sign-in to our iOS app and web dashboard.

Automatic extraction of fees from Stripe & Fiskl Payments


In addition to the manual recording a payment we will now record a payment from Stripe or Fiskl Payments and add the actual fees you were charged to your expenses.

Timer gets rounding up feature


You can now round up your time and more.

DMAC & SPF domain whitelisting


We have added full email domain whitelisting. This will help with DMARC and SPF protected domains.

Fiskl Payments powered by Chase


Fiskl Payments powered by Chase is now live for US and Canadian customers. UK to follow shortly!

Send yourself a copy of your invoice or quote


From within Invoice Settings, its easy to add a default bcc email address which can be used for every invoice and quote.

PDF attachments to expenses, products and services


You can now upload your PDF files from dropbox to your expenses, products and services. From within your item, simply select import file and go to the menu to select your option.

Android 3.5.3


Android gets its Android 10 release with improvements to recurring invoices and lists

Phase 2 of Scheduled invoice updates


Phase 2 of scheduled invoice updates for mobile and web. Fantastic update with new screens for managing recurring invoices. It’s now a lot easier to see which invoices were created as part of a schedule and also to make changes to the schedule.

Bulk delete options


We have added bulk delete of Clients per popular request. We will be adding more bulk options in other lists.

Added metadata to Stripe Payments


We have added metadata to the Stripe invoice payments to make it easier to link the payments to the Fiskl invoice. We even managed to add links back to Fiskl from your Stripe payment.

New actions menu on the preview screens


Both Android & iOS get a new actions menu in the preview screen to record payments, copy links, duplicate and send.

Recording Payments


You can now record invoice payments manually or automatically with dates, notes and attached images or documents. Works extremely well on Android & iOS.

Invoice filter improvements


We listened to you, and now we remember your invoice filter selection so you can view/edit and return to see the same filter/sorted results.

Scheduled invoice improvements


Scheduled invoices have proved so popular that we are improving them. This release includes changes to the invoice numbering of scheduled invoices. We will be releasing more scheduled updates soon.

European SCA ready


We have updated the invoice payments for the European Unions SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) regulation starting on the 14th September.

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