Creating quotes is a quick and easy way to provide estimates for your clients either by using the information you have already entered in Fiskl or adding fresh information for example a new client, product/service or an item such as mileage.  It automatically creates a quote which you can send to your client using your preferred messaging app, for example, WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegram, email.

Once the quote has been accepted and you’re ready to bill your client, you can very quickly convert it to an invoice.

It’s a great way to see all your quotes in one place along with the total amount of your quotes for the last 365 days with a breakdown of their status.

From the Quotes menu on the sidebar you can bring up the list of all your quotes. Here you can easily view the total amount of quotes for last 365 days, view by quote status, search, filter, view quote, delete, send and convert to an invoice.

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