How billing works in Fiskl


There are currently four plans in Fiskl, one free plan and three plans that require a subscription. 

The free plan allows access to most of what Fiskl offers with some limitations. If you cancel a paid subscription you will revert to the free plan and maintain full access to your data on the web and our Android and iOS applications along with the functionality the Free account offers. 

Subscriptions can be billed monthly or yearly but additional users that exceed your plans included users will always be charged monthly.

Upgrading and Downgrading

Upgrading: You can upgrade your plan at any time. If you are upgrading from a paid subscription like Solo or Pro you will be charged a pro-rata amount for the new subscription at the point of upgrading. You will keep the same yearly or monthly subscription date. 

Downgrading: You can choose to downgrade at any time but the downgrade will only take place at the end of your current subscription. You can cancel this downgrade or downgrade to a different plan before it takes effect. 

If you have additional users and you downgrade to the Solo or Free plan none of these users will be able to access Fiskl. The owner will have access to all the data from all users in the system.

Additional users

All additional users that exceed the number of included users will be charged monthly. 

The charge for additional users will be done on the same day of the month as the charge for monthly subscriptions or yearly subscriptions and there will be a pro-rata charge for the first month to synchronize the charge day. 

For monthly subscriptions the invoice will include the charge for the Plan and additional users. 

For yearly subscriptions the invoice will include the charge for the Plan and additional users once a year and the rest of the months the invoice will only include the additional users. 

The charge for new users is not instant giving flexibility to manage users. For example if you add a new user but deactivate another user later in the day there will not be any charge for this new user. 

Offers and discounts

Any discounts offered are only for the purchased plan. If you choose to upgrade to another plan the offer will not be applied to the new plan.

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