Available on Solo, Pro and Prime plans

Connecting your bank and credit card accounts to Fiskl is a great way to keep track of both your income and expenditure. It’s easy to match the transactions and categorize them so that your books are ready in time for tax season.

You can connect to multiple banks with multiple currencies choosing from over 21000 banks across the globe. Fiskl is partnered with Yodlee as well as Saltedge to offer you greater choice and secure access to real time banking data.

Yodlee is the core banking data provider for the United States, Canada and South Africa and has replaced SaltEdge. For the rest of the world we use SaltEdge who have a high presence in many other countries and focus on OpenBanking where available.

Both banking providers can connect to your bank accounts and automatically pull your transactions into Fiskl. 

Select “Banking” from the main menu in Fiskl, here you can connect your bank accounts, view and match your transactions, see your bank balance with a graphical view of your debit and credit totals, search, filter and select multiple transactions as well as edit or disable your accounts and transactions.

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