Edit your invoice settings

Within Invoice Settings in the main menu, you can add your default payment information, whitelist your email domain so Fiskl can send your invoices or quotes using your email account and select the language you would like to send your invoice in.

Whitelist your email domain

When we send an email on your behalf we set your company email address as the reply-to address and your company name as the Display name. In most cases this is sufficient but if you would like us to use your address as the from email you can choose to whitelist your domain. This is an advanced feature available to subscribed accounts only and will require that you enter four records into the DNS record (Domain Name System) of your domain. In Invoice Settings set the email you would like us to use: Once you choose to validate your email we will send you an email with the values you need to add to your DNS. Note that we actually … Read more

Fiskl Payments Pricing Info

Fiskl Payments – has two different fee structures, one for fiskl accounts with an active paid subscription and one for fiskl accounts on the free plan. USA Fees – Paid accounts Card transactions – 2.8% + 25c ACH transactions – 0.9% + 30c Other fees Chargeback USD$15.00 USA Fees – Free accounts Card transactions – 3.4% + 25c ACH transactions – 1.2% + 30c Other fees Chargeback USD$15.00 Canada Fees – Paid accounts Payment Card Type: (These are the most common domestically issued card types and processing methods. They do not represent all the possible fees and variations that are charged to the merchants). Visa Consumer Credit Visa Infinite Visa Infinite Privilege Visa Business Visa Business Premium Visa Corporate Visa Prepaid Visa Debit … Read more

Add new product or service to your quote

To add a new product or service You will then be asked to complete the following (not all fields are mandatory): Type: This is autofilled with either Product or Service. Name: This is the name of your product or service. Unit: This is the unit of the product or service, eg: “Pack of 6 bottles” for a single unit – “litre” or for service “hour”. Currency: This is selected by default using the information provided in company settings. To change the currency for this particular product or service, click on the down arrow  next to currency. Price/rate: This is the price of the product or service per unit. Invoice specific Tax: This is the tax type, ie, No Tax, Standard, Multiple or Compound which … Read more

Add new expense to your quote

To add a new expense to your quote: If you used your mobile to capture your receipts then some of the fields will already be pre-filled. Vendor: Company that you’re sending the quote/invoice to. Date: This is the date when the item was purchased. Category: To help you identify where your money is being spent, tap on the down arrow to select a category relating to the type of expense. Currency: By default this is the currency which was selected in Company Settings, to change this just tap on the down arrow to make your selection. Expense Total: This is the total of your expenses inclusive of Tax/VAT. Expense included tax: Automated taxes: Make sure your default tax type is set in Company Settings (see Manage your … Read more

Add new mileage to your quote

You can easily add a new mileage to your quote manually or using Google. Add using Google Maps Add using your odometer Add other information You’ll be asked to enter the following information (not all fields are mandatory): Name: This is the name you’d like to assign to your trip. Date: This is the date of your trip. Mileage unit: This is by default your mileage unit (km or m) which you entered in your preferences, this can be changed by clicking the down arrow to select preferred option. Currency: This is by default your currency which has been entered into your company settings, this can be changed by clicking the down arrow to select preferred currency. Mileage rate: This is by default the … Read more

Add new time to your quote

From within your quote, you can easily add your new time: Name: This is the name of your piece of work (eg Project support). Total time: Enter the total time you would like to bill in HHH:MM. Date: Click on the calendar to select the date for when your time started. Billing unit and rate: This is in hours by default. Currency: This is by default your currency which has been entered into your company settings, this can be changed by clicking the down arrow to select preferred currency. Price/rate: This is auto-filled from your User Preferences. To change simply type in the field. Advanced options: This contains a few extra fields which may only be required occasionally, to open, click on the down arrow: Invoice specific … Read more