Change the default language for your quote

In Fiskl, you can send quotes in 60 pre-set languages (see Available languages section within this guide), if you would like to switch between languages for your quotes then you can change it by going to Quotes Settings within your new or existing quote. Click on the settings icon at the top of your new quote screen, select “Language and currency”. Tap on the down arrow to bring up the list of 60 languages in addition to any that you may have already added or customised within Company Settings, select your preferred language. Tap on Save on your mobile or just continue with creating your quote on desktop and your language will automatically be applied to your quote.

Testing a new post

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Quote Settings

Once you have opened a new quote, click or tap on the settings icon at the top of the screen to access your Quote Settings. Here you can change the default language for your quote, currency and tax settings.

Create a new quote

To create a new quote, go to the Quotes menu item, tap on the plus icon on your mobile, or click on “Create new Quote” on the web.

Understand status’ of your quotes

Quote status’: All: All quotes (this tab is selected by default). Open: Quotes which have been created but not sent. Sent: Quotes which have been created and sent . Accepted: Quotes which have been accepted by the client. Rejected – Quotes which have been rejected by the client. To change an quote status: 


Creating quotes is a quick and easy way to provide estimates for your clients either by using the information you have already entered in Fiskl or adding fresh information for example a new client, product/service or an item such as mileage.  It automatically creates an quote which you can email to your client from the app. Once the quote has been accepted and you’re ready to bill your client, you can very quickly convert it to an invoice. It’s a great way to see all your quotes in one place along with the total amount of your quotes for the last 365 days with a breakdown of their status. From the Quotes menu on the sidebar you can bring up … Read more