User menu

The user menu allows you to edit your profile, customise certain functions of Fiskl including changing its appearance to the dark theme and provides you with key support information. This menu is divided into User Settings, Preferences, Contact support, What’s New, Knowledge base, Terms of service and Privacy policy. Sign out of Fiskl: Go to the user menu and “Logout”.

User Settings

In User Settings you can edit the user information you entered on signing up including changing your name and password. Tap on the User menu and then the settings gear icon. Here you can: Change your first or last name: Simply over-ride the entered information. Change your phone number: Again, over-ride the number. Change your email: Click on the green edit icon on your mobile or “Change email” on desktop to enter your Fiskl password, enter your new email address and press save. Change your password: Click on the green edit icon on your mobile or “Change password” on desktop to enter your current password and new password, then press save.


In Preferences you can customise what will be pre-filled throughout the relevant areas of the app, for example, mileage and time rates.  From your mobile you can change the appearance to a dark theme. To access your preferences, go to the User menu and click on Preferences.

Default rate for mileage

Within Preferences you can set your default mileage and travel unit: Mileage rate:  This is your rate per mile/kilometre, the figure will always be the currency already pre-selected in Company Settings. Click on the field to enter the rate. Travel unit:  To select your preferred travel unit, tap on the small down arrow to select KM or Miles.

Contact support

If you need any assistance with using Fiskl, just tap on Contact Support within the user menu to chat with us on Livechat or if you prefer to send us an email simply choose the email option.

Terms of service

If you would like to look at our terms of service please choose Terms of Service within the User menu.

Privacy policy

We take your privacy very seriously, to view our policy please click on the Privacy policy within the User menu.