View your teams permissions

Within Manage Users from the main menu, you can easily manage the roles of each user.  The screen will show a list of all users along with their role, email address, pending (user hasn’t replied to invitation) or active and the option to de-activate the user.

Permission levels/user roles

Business Owner:  Can create and see all items, clients and invoices across all users in the business, manage users and can access subscription and billing  Admin:  Can create and see all items, clients and invoices across all users in the business and manage users  Billing user:  Can create and view all items, clients and invoices that the user has raised  User:  Can create and view items (time, mileage and expenses) that the user has raised.

Manage users

If you have a team or an accountant then its easy to share the workload, if you have owner or admin rights you can invite, activate, edit users and assign each one with a role containing relevant permissions. From the main menu, click on your company name and select Manage users. 

Company and Invoice Settings

As a new user, when you sign up to Fiskl, you’ll have been asked to enter some key information about your organisation (see Getting started section for more details). If you didn’t get a chance to complete all the fields, you can always finish setting up your organisation from Company Settings. If you’d like to save your settings, on the web simply click anywhere in the menu and your changes will automatically be saved or press save on your mobile.

Navigation in the list screens

The home page for each area has a list screen which has been cleverly designed so you can easily: View any existing item by clicking on the item. Check on the status of your items (where applicable). Create a new item by selecting the green add new button. Search for an item (pull list down for mobile search bar). Create filters by clicking on the filter button at the top right. Export your items by clicking on the export button at top right. The “B” icon shows the item has been billed. The “R” icon shows the item is reimbursable. The “BR” icon shows the item has been billed and is reimbursable. Easily identify the status of Items such as … Read more

Navigating Fiskl

Now you are all set, let’s have a quick look at where we’ve placed things in Fiskl so you can find your way round without any fuss. Homescreen:  A handy overview of your company’s sales, invoices, expenses, your upcoming payments, tasks and events plus a lot more. Sidebar: Menu which allows you to switch between different areas. To access this on your mobile simply tap on the Fiskl icon. Quick create:  To quickly create new items, either tap on the plus button on your mobile homescreen or click on the plus next to the item. Notifications: Provides useful reminders such as expected or overdue payments, recent Fiskl activity, along with new features or updates for Fiskl. User button:  This can be found at the … Read more

Multiple Fiskl accounts

If you have more than one Fiskl account to manage your multiple businesses, you can easily switch between accounts without having to keep logging in and out of Fiskl: Tap on the user settings icon at the top right of the homescreen Swipe left on the menu Click on “Add new” to log in to your additional account, this will then give you the option to switch between accounts without the need to log back in.

Setting up your organisation

Once you have signed up, it’s easy to add your key company and invoice settings to Fiskl. These settings will then be automatically used throughout the app. If you are in hurry you can always do this later by going to the main menu and selecting Company settings or invoice settings. Review your company settings Add you company number Company email Choose your industry from the drop down list Add your company address and country Click on “Next” Review your accounting settings Add your Tax or VAT number Main Tax name (for example GST, HST etc) Click on the calendar icons to select your Fiscal year end and Tax filing date (this will particularly help when filtering items across Fiskl) … Read more