Recurring invoices

To ensure you receive your regular payments, set up a recurring invoice and Fiskl will do the rest. Fiskl can either create and send automatically or if you prefer, you can create automatically and you’ll receive a notification for when your new invoice is ready to be sent so you can make any changes and send manually. Fiskl will keep you automatically informed of when your invoice is sent and when the next one is due, so you’ll get paid quicker. When setting up a recurring invoice, you can choose to automatically attach any unbilled items related to your customer, such as expenses, to future scheduled invoices.

Disable a recurring invoice

If you no longer need the invoice to be recurring, simply: Go to the invoice within the invoice list, you’ll be taken to the invoice preview page, click on the padlock, to be able to edit the invoice. Click on the settings icon to go to Invoice Settings, select “Make Recurring”. At the bottom of the screen, select “Disable Recurring Invoice” and press save, this then returns you back to the invoice screen. Simply save the invoice which will change the invoice status to “Open”, tap on the open invoice to send to your client.

Duplicate a recurring invoice

To copy a scheduled recurring invoice go to Invoices in the main menu, on mobile swipe left on the required invoice or on web click on the 3 horizontal green dots and select “Duplicate”, this opens a duplicate invoice, make any necessary changes and either “Save” to send later or “Start” to trigger the scheduled invoice.

Edit a scheduled recurring invoice

To edit a recurring invoice, go to Invoices within the main menu and click on the required scheduled invoice, simply change the status from “Scheduled” to Paused, the invoice is then ready for any changes. On Mobile simply click on the padlock and change status or on the web click on the status icon at the top of the opened invoice screen.

Importing your client from Excel or CSV

Using your mobile, it’s easy to import your clients from a CSV or Excel file directly into Fiskl. Simply tap on the import icon at the top right. Choose your file from the location options for example Dropbox. Once you’ve selected your file, you can assign the column titles in your CSV/Spreadsheet to the relevant field and select add at the top right hand corner. If you would like to combine more than one column into the selected field, then simply switch the multiple selection toggle on at the bottom of the screen and then tap on the required column names. You’ll receive a notification that your items have been added.  You can then review your imported clients in your … Read more

Create a new invoice

To create a new invoice, tap on the plus icon on your mobile, or click on “Create new Invoice” on the web.

Add new product or service to your invoice

To add a new product or service You will then be asked to complete the following (not all fields are mandatory): Type: This is autofilled with either Product or Service. Name: This is the name of your product or service. Unit: This is the unit of the product or service, eg: “Pack of 6 bottles” for a single unit – “litre” or for service “hour”. Currency: This is selected by default using the information provided in Company Settings. To change the currency for this particular product or service, click on the down arrow next to currency. Price/rate: This is the price of the product or service per unit. Invoice specific Tax: This is the tax type, ie, No Tax, Standard, Multiple … Read more