You’ll need to be the owner or have admin rights on a Plus, Pro and Prime subscription.

Tap on the green plus icon on your mobile or “Invite new members” on the web to add a new user.

  • Email address:  This is the email address for the new user.
  • First name: This is the first name for the new user.
  • Last name:  This is the surname for the new user.
  • Assign role:  Click on the small down arrow to select from a list of roles (permission levels), these are: Owner, Billing user and Admin.
  • Inviting the user:  If you wish to save and send an invite to the user, press send at the bottom of the screen.

The new user will receive an email asking them to create a password to access the account, you will then receive a notification confirming that your new user has accepted your invitation.

You can add multiple users by clicking on “add another”

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