It’s easy to set a payment schedule for when you’d like your client to pay. Fiskl will automatically calculate your payment schedule but of course, you can also create it manually too.

  • Once you have completed your invoice, press the two green lines just above the Invoice total bar.
  • Select “Add payment schedule”
  • Add payment schedule screen:

Once you have completed your invoice, click on “Add a Payment Schedule”

Add a payment schedule section:

  1. Choose between Percentage or Flat Amount
  2. Fiskl will automatically create two 50% payments assigned across two dates which are evenly spread based on the invoice payment due date.
  3. If you would like to add further payments, click on “Add another payment”. Fiskl will again automatically spread the payments across all three dates.
  4. If you prefer, you can always change the amounts and dates manually, you’ll see the total and how much you have left remaining to assign against a payment.
  5. Fiskl will automatically take into account any deposit that you have requested when calculating the payment schedule.
  6. If you change your mind and would like to delete any payments, simply click on the “x” next to the payment.

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