Existing products and services can be attached to your quote, if you would like to include an item (eg Time) you’ll need to add it as a new item.

To attach a product or service you’ve already created, tap “Attach existing item”.  This pulls up a list of your Products & Services.

Search: Enter your word into the search bar to find what you are looking for.

When you select an item, the amount is added to the quote totals at the bottom of this screen.

Attach item: Once item/s selected either tap on “Attach selected” button or if you change your mind just tap on cancel to return to your quote creation.

Add multiple existing items: Tap on the items themselves to select them, tap on “Attach selected” button

To attach an existing product or service click “Attach existing” This pulls up a list of all your products and services, here you can easily see the item type (ie Service), the name, date the item was created, where applicable the Tax/VAT amount, rate and total.

  • View list by item: Click on the relevant tab (ie Product)
  • Search: Enter your word into the search bar to find what you are looking for.
  • Attach item: Once item/s selected click on “Attach” button.
  • Add multiple existing items: Tick the checkboxes against the items and press “attach”.

Add or edit item to your quote

  • To add a new item tap on “Add new item” and select your item type.
  • To edit an item which you have added to your quote, just tap on the item within the quote, it will open the item for you to edit and save your changes.

Adding a new item or editing one you’ve already added to your quote both follow the same principles:

Add new item with basic information: Select item type and enter information directly into the table of fields.

Edit existing basic information: Make the changes directly in the table of fields.

To add new or edit complete information for your item:

To add or edit all the fields relating to your item click on the 3 dots in the item row, select edit and a pop up box will appear (don’t forget to select the type of item first).

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