From the Time list, tap on the green plus button or select “Add new Time” from your desktop, a new screen will appear with the following:

  • Time: Click on the counter, then type the time you would like to record into the relevant section, if you wish to reset the counter back to 00:00 press the reset button.
  • Name: This is the name you would like to assign to this time item, eg project support.
  • Client: In order for the time item to be easily invoiced it’s important to add your client, click on the down arrow, you can either select an existing client or create a new one (for more details on adding clients see Clients section in this guide).
  • Billing unit: This is set to hours.
  • Currency: This is prefilled with the currency set in Company Settings, to change it click on the down arrow or tap on the mobile currency button to select preferred currency.
  • Price/rate: This will be pre-filled using information you entered in User Settings, to change it, simply add the new rate.
  • Date: This date relates to the day for when the time was logged, by default, it’s today’s date, to change just click the calendar icon to select the date.

Invoice specific Tax: This is the tax type, ie, No Tax, Standard, Multiple or Compound which is to be applied to your invoice.  To change your Tax type options, go to Company Settings (go to Manage your tax settings section of this guide).

To select a tax: Select the down arrow for your pre-populated list (as per your Company Settings).

To create a new tax: Select the down arrow, a pop up box will appear, type the name of your new tax/VAT and the percentage. Press save, your new tax will be shown in your tax list going forwards.

Description: This is an open field for you to add a brief description of what you spent your time on.

Add supporting documents: You can easily add documents either by picture from your mobile or file from your computer.

  • Import photo:  You can import a time photo from your phone (you will be asked for permission for Fiskl to access your photos):
    1. Tap on the “Import photo button”, this takes you to your mobile photo album, select your photo and it’ll be added.
    2. Photos can be deleted by tapping on the delete icon. 
  • Take picture:  You can take a picture and upload it directly into the app (you will be asked for permission for Fiskl to access your camera):
    1. Simply tap on the “take picture” button, this goes directly to your phone camera (if you haven’t already granted Fiskl access to your camera – a pop up box will appear requesting access).
    2. Take photo, from here you can either re-take or use the photo, once you’re happy it’ll be added to your time details.

To add a document (eg Timesheet), drag and drop or select files from your computer, if your document is a Microsoft Office document, convert it to a PDF before attaching it. Supported files are:  .png, .pdf, .jpg.

  • Add to invoice: Once you have completed all the required fields, you can add this time to either an existing or new invoice by clicking on the green arrow at the bottom of your mobile screen or click the up arrow on the save button on your desktop.
    • You’ll be prompted for “Add to existing” (goes to your invoice list) or “Add to new” (opens a new invoice screen). For more details on invoices see Invoices section in this guide.
  • Saving your time item:  Press save at the top of the screen to save and return to the list of your time items.

You can set a default name including automated placeholders for all your time items by going to Company settings.

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