Edit your quote name and number

By default, the quote number and name are auto-generated however its easy to change them to make it easier for your clients to identify their quotes.

  • Quote number: You can change both the letters and numbers simply by tapping on this field.
  • Quote name: To make it easier for your clients to easily identify their quote you can change the quote name to something more relevant.
  • Once completed, tap on the up arrow to return to the quote screen.

Simply type over the existing number and/or name at the top left of the new quote screen to make the relevant changes.

Add dates to your quote

Within the new quote screen you can add key dates:

Quote date: This can be the current, past or future date, by clicking on the calendar icon to select the date.

Valid until: Click on the calendar icon to select the date for which the quote is valid until.

To change or enter both quote date and valid until date, simply select the calendar icon, on the quote date calendar click on the required quote date and then click on the valid until date, all days in between will automatically be shaded, just save and both fields will be automatically updated.

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