In Fiskl you can easily send invoices and quotes in 60 languages (see Available languages section within this guide, in Invoice Settings from the main menu, you can add your own default language or customise it to suit your requirements.

To select a pre-set language from our language list:

  1. Go to Invoice Settings from within the main menu and select “Manage languages”.
  2. Select the down arrow to bring up the list of 60 languages to select your required language and select the back button to go back to Invoice Settings and save.

The fields in the Invoice or quote PDF will automatically change to your selected language.

If you would like to add a new language or customise an existing one, select “Add new” and select a language you are familiar with, this will then bring up a list of all the invoice fields which you can edit to fit your preferred language.  Assign your translation a name and save it.  The fields in the Invoice or Quote PDF will automatically change to your new custom translation.

If you switch between languages for your invoices and quotes, you can apply your preferred language within the settings of your invoice or quote (see Change the default language for your Invoice and Quote sections of this guide).

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