From within your invoice, you can easily add your new time:

Tap on “Add new” to select Time.

Time:  Tap on the counter, type in the relevant figure for the time you would like to record (eg. type the number of hours in the hour section), if you wish to reset the counter back to 00:00:00 press the reset button.

Click on the item type, Time, this pulls up a list of all Time items relating to your client, then select “Add as a new item”, this will bring up a pop up box for you to complete (not all fields are mandatory):

You can also add or edit the main details of your time directly in the fields within the Invoice Line items section.

  • Name: If you have saved a custom name template in Company Settings then this will automatically be completed otherwise add the name of your piece of work (eg Project support). See Company Settings in this guide for more information.
  • Total time: Enter the total time you would like to bill in HHH:MM.
  • Start/End time: To enter a start and end time, switch toggle on to enter the times.
  • Date: Click on the calendar to select the date for when your time started.
  • Rate per hour: This is auto-filled from your User Preferences or from clients if you have a default rate for the client you are invoicing. To change simply type in the field.
  • Currency: This is by default your company base currency, this can be changed at item level by clicking the down arrow to select preferred currency.
  • Sales tax: This is the tax rate which will be automatically added to your invoice. If you haven’t set your default Sales tax in “Manage taxes”, you can select a tax or tax group from the drop down list. See Manage your tax settings within this guide. Only taxes which relate to your default tax type will be listed. See Accounting Settings.
    • To create a new tax or tax group: click on “add new tax”, a pop up box will appear:
      • Create a single tax: Make sure Single tax is selected, add the tax name and rate. If it is a Sales tax select “Sales tax” and add the Tax number/ID and currency. Press create, your new tax will be shown in your tax list going forwards.
      • Create a Tax group: Select Tax Group, add Group name, select Tax type and taxes. Press create, your new tax group will be shown in your tax list going forwards.
  • Description: This is an open field for you to provide a brief description of the work completed.
  • Add supporting documents/pictures: If you are required to add a document (eg timesheet) you can add a photo from your mobile or a document from your desktop:

Import photo:  You can import a photo from your phone (you will be asked for permission for Fiskl to access your photos):

  • Tap on the “Import photo” button, this takes you to your mobile photo album, select your photo and it’ll be added.
  • Photos can be deleted by tapping on the delete icon 

Take picture:  You can take a picture and upload it directly into the app (you will be asked for permission for Fiskl to access your camera):

  • Simply tap on the “Take picture” button, this goes directly to your phone camera (if you haven’t already granted Fiskl access to your camera – a pop up box will appear requesting access).
  • Take photo, from here you can either re-take or use the photo, once you’re happy it’ll be added to your time details.

Simply drag or select a file from your computer. If your document is a Microsoft Office document (ie Excel) convert your file to PDF before attaching it. Supported files are .png, .pdf and .jpg.

When finished entering all your time information simply press save.

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