Accounting is available on Pro and Prime plans

Accounting is “the language of business”. Using Fiskl you can have all your accounting automated on both mobile and web, so all your accounting information is held in one place.

Fiskl was created in the way that you don’t have to worry about Debit and Credit as we’ve done it for you. In any case you can go to Transaction journal which is available for every accounting entry so you may check your Debits and Credits whenever you’d like to.

Key terms:

Chart of Accounts (COA): list of company accounts that represent entries in the books.

Money accounts: all payment accounts in COA. It belongs to the following groups of accounts: Cash & Cash Equivalents, Credit cards.

Non-money accounts: all other accounts that do not belong to money accounts.

Transaction: any automatically or manually created IN + or OUT – entry into account history.

IN+ transaction that increases your account balance.

OUT – : transaction that decreases your account balance.

Tax: the rate which you can add from “Manage taxes” section or directly into the tax list available in the invoice, expense or IN + & OUT – transactions in money accounts.

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