Smart mobile software that helps small businesses automate their finances effortlessly

Capture expenses, track time and invoice clients on the go.

Create an invoice from anywhere in less than two minutes

Time means money. And why not have both! Fiskl gives you powerful tools to run your small business: automated time tracking, products and services catalogue, expense scanning, payment gateways, payment scheduling and much more. Make invoicing your clients a breeze.

Create your first invoice

Make recurring
Invoice anytime, anywhere

Clients receive your invoices in a flash

Don’t let your invoices get lost in your client’s crowded inbox, you can also send your invoices, payments and quotes via eMail, WhatsApp, Telegram or iMessage. Fiskl makes it easy for your clients to pay so you can get paid faster.

Automated recurring invoices

Get paid upfront with deposits

No more paying for expenses upfront or waiting until the end of a project to get paid. Request a deposit on your invoice and just relax knowing you’ll get the money you need at the start.

Automatically schedule payments

Fiskl speaks your language

Send your quotes, invoices and payments in your language or easily customise any of the 60+ pre-set languages.

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Get notified the minute your invoices become overdue

See the status of all your items at a glance: whether invoices are overdue, quotes have been accepted, or you have outstanding mileage items. Mobile notifications will let you know when any item is overdue, then you can quickly action it.

Check your client’s balance

Your client data can be imported directly from your mobile or csv file and stored in one place, from here you will see, at a glance, just how much your client has outstanding and if there are any overdue invoices.