Featured entrepreneur: Zarja Cibej – myTamarin

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Zarja Cibej from myTamarin

Zarja Cibej - My Tamarin

Zarja Cibej – My Tamarin

I met Zarja 5 years ago, when she was getting ready to jump from an M&A role at BCG to build an amazing company of her own. She was passionate about a very difficult, highly relevant and yet not often tackled topic: the childcare market and impact on working parents, especially mothers.

Fast forward to 2022: myTamarin, Zarja’s company, offers both an AI-based  marketplace matching parents with nannies and also a virtual platform that offers transparency for both parents and nannies in the vetting, recruitment and onboarding processes. 

In the process of building her company, Zarja has become a passionate advocate for employee support across critical life stages of fertility, pregnancy loss, early parenthood, childcare, menopause and elder care, working with corporates to improve retention of top talent, and lobbying the government for subsided childcare to close the gender pay gap.

A few quotes from Zarja on her journey and the global need for childcare:

The irony of flexible working for women: When women become
a one-woman safety net, we’re back to square one.

Until childcare and eldercare are provided as a public infrastructure – just like public transport – women will continue to be “socialized to serve, and to do more with less.”

Women are “priced out and shut out of work” due to their childcare responsibilities.

In the meantime, employers – given the record level unemployment rates – this is an opportunity for you to step up, rise above, and shine bright by supporting your teams with childcare benefits. Flexible working is not enough.

When I was growing up, in Slovenia, I didn’t have a single friend who’s mum wouldn’t work. Let this sink in! Not a single one. Every mum worked.

In fact I didn’t have a single friend who’s mum wouldn’t work *full time*. Why? Because childcare was provided as a public infrastructure.

Every child had a nursery place. Every parent could afford a nursery – because if was largely publicly funded, and priced based on income. So, every parent had childcare. And could work.

So why, 30+ years later, in an arguably more advanced economy that the UK’s is, less than 20% of mums return back to work full time?

My Tamarin – services provided

For employersFor parents and nannies
Online employee supportFinding a nanny
Healthcare app with world-class expertsFinding a maternity nurse
Support resourcesOnline newborn help
1on1 video consultationsNanny tax calculator


What Zarja’s been up to in the last year:

  • Published critical research on employee life stages and support at each stage
  • Deployed life stages consultations for employers with 7 UK corporates
  • Deployed clinics for Menopause Awareness Month
  • Signed partnerships with progressive employers leading the new wave of childcare support
  • Was interviewed by multiple magazines on myTamarin and the impact of childcare and employer support

Zarja Cibej - My Tamarin - Techstars

Want to learn more or get in touch?

Reach out to her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zarjacibej/

For parents and nannies: https://www.mytamarin.com/ 

For employers: https://worklife.mytamarin.com/

Read about important research on six critical life stages – during which employees are most vulnerable: 

📆 Fertility
🤍 Pregnancy loss
🐣 Early parenthood
⚽️ Childcare
🤷‍♀️ Menopause
👵 Eldercare

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