10 Measurable Benefits of Mobile Invoicing

10 Measurable Benefits of Mobile Invoicing

Why Mobile Invoicing is Ideal for Your Business

You’ve completed the job, now it’s time to get paid. Mobile invoicing is a fast and simple way for business owners to get paid quickly. Here’s a brief overview of what mobile invoicing is, it’s advantages for your business and how to send mobile invoices with the Fiskl app.

What is mobile invoicing?

Mobile invoicing is a super fast way to bill your customers directly from your mobile. The minute you finish the job, send your invoice and your customer can pay you quickly and securely. Digital invoices can be sent via email, WhatsApp, Telegram, iMessage or text and your customers can pay online no matter where they are. Installing a mobile invoicing app on your device makes it even easier to send and manage your invoices in just a few taps. You can send mobile invoices free through Fiskl on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

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Why should you consider mobile invoicing?

Mobile invoicing couldn’t be more convenient, many small business owners work remotely and are rarely in front of their computer so being able to manage their business finances is vital to getting paid quickly.

Say goodbye to the monotony of sending paper invoices by post or waiting until you are next in front of your desktop.

Measurable Mobile Invoicing Benefits

1. Save time

Quickly create and send invoices whilst on the move, no more spending hours catching up on your invoicing at the end of the week. Download Fiskl’s free mobile invoicing app on your IOS or Android device to start sending your invoices.

2. Get paid faster

On average, Fiskl’s invoices get paid within one business day. Once paid, money from invoices are in your bank account in one or two days, available immediately via payment gateways, ACH and Fiskl Payments powered by Chase, Stripe, Paypal, Ideal, GooglePay or ApplePay.

3. Send invoices in multiple languages

Many small businesses trade globally, using Fiskl’s mobile invoicing software, you can send invoices in 60 languages or customise your invoice with your own custom language.

4. Automated live exchange rates

If you are sending invoices in a different currency to your own, Fiskl supports over 150 currencies and will automatically calculate the exchange rate.

5. Never miss a regular payment

Keep on top of your recurring invoices. Fiskl’s mobile invoicing app will automatically create recurring invoices at a time and date that suits your schedule.

6. Managing cash flow

Request a deposit upfront before you start a job and smooth out your cash flow. Keep track of your payments in real time so you always know what money is coming in and what is overdue. Using Fiskl, add an automated payment schedule to your invoice and you’ll never forget a payment again.

7. Send reminders

Have unpaid or overdue invoices? Quickly send reminders to your customers from your mobile device to gently prod them to settle their bills.

8. Keep track of your invoices

With mobile invoicing you can easily keep track of which invoices have been paid, partially paid and which are outstanding. Invoices can be sorted by paid, partially paid, overdue, sent, rejected, scheduled, paused or open.

9. Book more work

Create and send an estimate using your mobile device and once the job is complete, with just one tap, convert your quote to an invoice.

10. Empower your team

To keep on top of the work flowing in, small businesses may need to delegate their mobile invoicing to their team members. Fiskl has feature based permissions, so you can choose to give access to quotes and invoicing to your team members.

Get started with mobile invoicing with Fiskl

Fiskl’s mobile invoicing app is packed full of features on mobile, tablet and web. In addition to mobile invoicing, small businesses can track their expenses, mileage, time, products, services, clients, there’s a handy snapshot of their business finances plus much much more.

How to use the Fiskl mobile invoicing app

Fiskl’s mobile invoicing app is quick and easy to use. Here’s how to send an invoice:

  • Download the free Fiskl invoices app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Sign up for a Fiskl account or sign in to your existing Fiskl account.
  • Tap the green plus button at the bottom of the screen and select Add new invoice.

Fiskl’s mobile invoicing app is quick and easy to use

Tap Select client or add new one, here you can import clients directly from your mobile or create a new one.

Free Fiskl invoices app

Tap Attach existing item or Add new item to add an item to your invoice.

Attach existing item or Add new itemSelect how you want to send the invoice (email, WhatsApp, Telegram or iMessage) and send.

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