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Beat the competition by sending your quote via eMail, WhatsApp, Telegram, or iMessage. Your client will see it flash up on their mobile the instant it’s sent.

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Your clients can accept your quote online no matter where they are

Your client can approve a quote with just one tap, you can view and respond to any feedback instantly within Fiskl.

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Get notified the minute
your client accepts
your quote

See the status of your quotes at a glance. Fiskl will automatically send you a mobile notification when your client has responded to your quote and will also let you know when their approval is outstanding.

Create and convert a quote into an invoice at a click of a button

Don’t wait until you get back to the office to send your invoice, send it straight away using Fiskl. Once the job has been done, simply convert your quote straight into an invoice and see the money rolling in.

Automate your invoicing