From our newly minted Chrome Extension to the upcoming Banking Integration, these are the latest updates to Fiskl

Fiskl Chrome extension

The Fiskl Google Chrome Extension is now live! Get live payment and other notifications, add expenses and create invoices directly from your browser without opening Fiskl. Download the extension here: Fiskl Chrome Extension.

Fiskl Chrome Extension

iDeal Payments are now live

iDEAL is a Netherlands-based payment method that allows customers to complete transactions online using their bank credentials. All major Dutch banks are members of Currence, the scheme that operates iDEAL, making it the most popular online payment method in the Netherlands with a share of online transactions close to 55%. 

Fiskl iDeal payments for Netherlands

Send invoices and quotes via WhatsApp, iMessage and Telegram

Know exactly when your customer has viewed an invoice or a quote by sending it via WhatsApp, iMessage or Telegram. Then you can easily chat with them should they have any invoice questions so there is no delay in payment.

Fiskl WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegram invoicing

Other Income

If you receive income via other channels or income that does not require an invoice, then you can record it in Fiskl via Other Income. Other income can be from selling through online stores (like Shopify and Etsy), space rental, dividend payments, advertising income etc.

Banking integration – Coming soon

We are excited to announce we are working on a long awaited feature: banking integration! We are gearing up to provide access to over 5400 banks in 70 countries. Banking integration will be released as Beta in May, with transactions and reconciliations to follow. Check whether your bank will be supported here.


Fiskl banking integration