A higher form of SME banking

Use the Fiskl APIs & Data Engine to power services beyond banking for your small business customers

Power Ahead

The level of service to small businesses expected from banks and lenders around the world is climbing rapidly. Digital services beyond traditional banking, delivered both via online banking and in-app, are now becoming a must have to stay competitive.

The Fiskl API & Data Engine enhances your offering quicker than developing in-house. Partnering with us dramatically cuts down your time to market and execution risk.


Drive payment revenues




Digital services


Drive payment revenues

Invoices generated by your customers need payment

Fiskl routes the online payments of these invoices through your payment rails or gateway, driving low risk transaction volume

Monetise these payment flows through transaction and processing fees

Proactively suggest financing solutions

Efficient lending requires high quality based on live, reliable data to identify upcoming cash flow issues

Fiskl provides real-time insight on a customer's financial position and automated reporting to the lender

Lenders can proactively send financing offers to their customers in their own client interface or in Fiskl

Quickly deploy digital services

Financial institutions need new digital capabilities to compete but building in-house is expensive and time consuming

Fiskl’s APIs and data processing capabilities can be deployed in any mobile phone app or web banking platform

Fiskl takes care of the data processing and relevant integrations with existing product lines

How Fiskl works with you

Value add platform

Value add platform

Offer Fiskl to your customers, increase retention and gain insight on their live financial position.

API & Data Engine

License our API-ed features and data engine to power your own digital offering.

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Platform & APIs icon

Platform & APIs

Combine the SaaS platform with our APIs to offer a rich, seamless experience.

Custom deployments

Your ambitions may be different from the three mentioned. Talk to us about them.

Custom deployment

Fiskl powers

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