Fiskl connects to to provide you with a single source of truth

We enrich your financial and company data to build unified profiles.

Fiskl works with global banks and other financial and lending institutions to unlock entirely new funding opportunities for their micro-SME clients with the end goal of empowering small businesses who are the backbone of the global economy.

Enable a powerful, comprehensive and competitive digital offering with

  • financial loans
  • invoice factoring
  • cash management
  • payments facility
  • employee expense cards
  • FX facility
  • acquisition funnel
  • customer retention
  • customer insights
  • data intelligence
  • customer acquisition
  • anticipate customer needs
  • extend customer monetisation

The Fiskl components




enable banks to re-imagine how they provide financial products and services to their micro-SME clients, by offering contextual banking products based on Fiskl data.

Complete & correlated overview of financial and non-financial business data from multiple sources
Live, up-to-date data versus static accounting snap-shots
API and live data feed integrations
Accurate cash flow forecasting
Intelligent customer insight
Customer base cross-pollination