Step #1

Register to be a referral partner at: This will direct you to Fiskl website where you can ...

Step #2

Register online and agree to the online contract to be a partner

Step #3

If you are successful you get accepted to the referral program by Fiskl

Step #4

You will get sent a welcome email by Fiskl as well as your unique online referral code

Step #5

Each referral partner can use their own unique link when referring people / businesses to Fiskl

Step #6

You will get access to marketing materials and videos to use in your promotional media or website

Step #7

When referrals successfully subscribe with your link you will earn 30% of the revenue in each month for the lifetime of the customer

Step #8

Payments are made ar the end of each month and

Step #9

The referral partner with the most referrals a month receives "referral partner of the month" and will be profiled on the Fiskl website

Step #10

The top 10 earners in will be entered into the yearly prize draw