Fiskl, a better Wave alternative

Worried about Wave Invoice not supporting international customers after the H&R Block acquisition? Trying to find a Wave alternative before the September deadline? Look no further!

Fiskl is the only truly global invoicing platform on the market. Like Wave, Fiskl supports over 150 currencies and is available in all countries. Fiskl is a better Wave alternative as it supports 60 languages for invoices and quotes and all tax structures (multiple, VAT and compound tax). Based in London, United Kingdom, Fiskl has happy customers in 110 countries and it is and will be compliant with local data and payments regulations, including EU Open Banking.

Fiskl vs. Wave

Have a look and decide for yourself

FisklWave Invoice
Mobile and web invoicing
iOS, Android, iPad and web apps
Expense scanning on mobile

Built-in tool that enables users to scan receipts instantly to extract information, rather than having to expense manually.

Intuitive time tracking

A timer that allows users to charge their customers at a chosen rate.

Mileage tracking (with Google maps)

Enables employees to track travel costs through the app.

Available in all countries
Over 150 currencies supported
60 invoice & quote languages
Custom invoice/quote language
Recurring invoices
At a glance business overview
Products and Services
Tasks and Calendar
Daily overview and recent activity overview
Client management
Automated, live exchange rates
Graphs & reports
Mini Profit & Loss Overview
Imports and exports
Integrations (Zapier etc)
Payment gateways
Payment recording & scheduling
Automatic accounting reminders
Expense reports
Multiple users (with feature level rights)

Enables business owners to control the access that employees have to sensitive information.

All tax types supported (multiple, compound and more)
Fully featured mobile apps
Custom business email (white label)
Custom expense categories
Custom tax categories
Live chat supportFree on all paid plans$9/month Support Chat
Free plan1 user, 5 invoices/month
Pricing$7/mo (paid yearly)1.4% + 20p
per transaction for European issued cards
2.9% + 20p
per transaction for non-European issued cards

Thinking of making a move?

  • If you’re keen to move from Wave to Fiskl, we’re here to make the transition easy.
  • Simply import your client list, products and services as well as expenses via a CSV file.
  • Here’s how to import your data.

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“I have been looking for a mobile app like this for ages – I have an agency with clients all over the world and need to invoice in lots of international currencies on the fly. The fact that I can add my staff to manage their own time and expenses is going to same me lots of admin time! Have always hated doing invoices but I love Fiskl!”

“Love this app. I used to use Billings for Mac and then also tried out Xero, Quickbooks and Wave for a bit, but glad I got this. Looks like it does everything I need – Time Tracking, Invoicing, Multiple clients, etc”

“Finally, after too many years and too much money, I’ve found THE financial management app my business has been longing for! Fiskl has it all: Invoicing, expense tracking, mileage reporting, time tracking, calendar planning, an intuitive dashboard indicating vital statistics that let me know how my business is firing at any point in time… it really has it all. As far as I’m concerned, Fiskl is heaven-sent.”

“I really like this app! It has a great user interface both on the mobile an desktop and many features that make it essential for running a business from beginning to end, especially for a mobile freelancer, or someone on the go!”

“Very good value for money. Feature rich and covered all areas of my business finance needs. I like the ability to be able to track my expenses and do my quotes whilst on the train saving me time when i get home.”

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