Fiskl Smart Web Dashboard

Your consolidated business overview in a simple and interactive dashboard. Accessible from anywhere, anytime.
Fiskl provides "a single version of the truth" via transaction and data consistency.

Advanced reports and analytics

Reports and Analytics

Gain greater insight into your revenue and spending via our Reports and Analytics feature.

Need to prepare for the end of your tax year? You can prepare reports for your accountant with a single click.

Smart Web Dashboard, the consolidated business overview
Business efficiency having all in one place

Business efficiency

Struggling with your business transactions, expenses and client data in multiple places, formats and folders?

With Fiskl you get all your documents in one place so you can spend more time on your strategy or customers.

Try Fiskl free for 45 days. No credit card required.

Create and manage all your business documents from your smartphone, tablet or web dashboard.

All seamlessly synchronized via the Fiskl cloud.

Advanced reports and analytics