Welcome to Fiskl

Fiskl is the first mobile and web financial product of its kind built in London, adopted in the EU and usable globally. Our solution was created taking the small businesses' needs and budgets into account and was engineered to be scalable and flexible enough to grow with them.


The Fiskl Story

As business owners, Shawn and Alina found a few aspects of managing their business particularly frustrating. Shawn dreaded the time spent on sorting his receipts and sending them to his accountant at the end of the tax year and Alina spent hours on tracking client time and sending out invoices at the end of each month.

Since they both loved to manage things on the go from their phone they looked for a combined solution that would allow them to manage their businesses from anywhere. Nothing on the market matched what they needed so they decided to create their own.

And so Fiskl got started in 2013. After spending more than a year in product development, they finally had a product they themselves were happy to use.

Getting it to market wasn’t exactly an easy journey, but with passion, creativity and a lot of grit, the three founders, a software engineer, a business woman and a bright young graduate got their vision to come to life.

Who are Our Clients?

We help everyone manage their business, from independent freelancers to budding start-ups to fast growing businesses. Even corporate users love our product.

Whether you are a consultant, contractor or a builder, a legal practice or a growing service business, a physiotherapist or a design agency you will find every facet of Fiskl useful. Fiskl will let you spend your precious time where it matters, on your clients and customers, and not on business admin.

If you are as passionate about your business and are looking for a smart solution that helps your and your business perform better than give Fiskl a try. It will change your business!

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it certainly took a whole fantastic team of people to create Fiskl: graphical and web designers, UI experts, ninja developers, back-end architects, product and business heads.


Our Team

Fiskl CTO and Co-founder

Shawn Vader
CTO and Co-founder

Alina Lapusneanu, Fiskl CEO and Co-founder

Alina Lapusneanu
CEO and Co-founder

Jolie Bories

Jolie Bories
Sr. UX Designer

Monica Burian, Fiskl Director of Products

Monica Burian
Director of Products

Partner companies

Special thanks goes to our partner companies Artsoft Consult and Syte Design.

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